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Wonder Woman 2 1984 posterWonder Woman 1984 or Wonder Woman 2 is an upcoming sequel to the Warner Bros. Pictures Wonder Woman movie that was released in 2017. Like the first part, it was based on the DC Comics and it is the 9th installment in the DC Universe series. The sequel was also directed by Patty Jenkins and from the cast, we will once again see stars such as Gal Gadot in the main role as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Robin Wright as Antiope and etc. The creation of Wonder Women 2 was confirmed shortly after the release of the first part and it was set to release at the end of 2020 that currently being the second of October. The first movie set the standards really high as it receives positive criticism and it grossed $821.8 million worldwide making it a huge success.



Set to release: October 2, 2020



Wonder Woman 1984 Cast and Crew

Directors: Patty Jenkins

Writers: Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins

Stars: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Kristen Wiig, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Superhero






Like the name says Wonder Woman 1984 will set in 1984 during the Cold War. To get the better picture the new Wonder Woman movie is set approximately 70 years after the events from the first movie. What we know so far is that this time she is facing a new enemy, the Cheetah. Besides that, she is currently working at a Natural History Museum trying to have a simple modest life which isn’t very easy being an Amazonian princess. Being immortal has its negative sides as she lost a lot of people that were close to her because they weren’t immortal and also she had the loss of Steve Trevor the love of her life which is played by Chris Pine.

Steve sacrificed his life in the first part but somehow he seems to be alive as we see a few scenes in the trailer one being him putting a silver Casio watch in her hand as he did once before. The only joy that is left for her is to help and protect the people in need. There were some speculations that the Cheetah will actually start as her friend and will, later on, become her foe. Also one of the main villains of the movie will be Pedro Pascal, who is playing the role of Maxwell Lord.


Wonder Woman 1984 trailer:

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