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Top Gun Maverick movie posterTop Gun Maverick movie is the much-awaited sequel of the original Top Gun movie that was released back in 1986.  The sequel was directed by Joseph Kosinski and it still has Tom Cruise playing the main role of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Val Kilmer in the role of Iceman. Besides Tom, one of the main stars is Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, and Miles Teller. The movie is set to release in theaters at the end of 2020, on December 23.





Set to release: December 23, 2020


Top Gun Maverick Movie Cast and Crew

Directors: Joseph Kosinski

Writers: Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer

Stars: Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Jennifer Connelly

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama




First, let’s talk about the story before the Top Gun Maverick movie. The main character Pete Mitchell who is code-named “Maverick” was a very talented pilot. He was accepted into the flight school called Top Gun in Miramar. There you could find the best of the best pilots competing amongst each other. He was young and a little bit troublesome, he had a bad habit of disobeying orders but he was still one of the best. His biggest rival was Tom Kazansky who was also known as “Iceman”.  Maverick was considered dangerous and reckless; he was willing to abandon his team to pursue careless objectives. Besides flying one day he set his eyes on a girl in a bar only to get rejected and to find out that she is one of the instructors at the Top Gun academy. In a couple of training, they proved to him that good teamwork can win almost any situation.

In one situation a friend and Maverick’s second pilot dies in an accident where he hit the aircraft canopy. Although that was all his responsibility and he was clear in the clear he was feeling very guilty. He was touched by Goose’s death and he was considering retiring from flying. In the end, he managed to find peace and will continue and graduate. He didn’t manage to win the Top Gun trophy because of the superior Iceman. At the end of the first movie at the graduation, there was a crisis and they needed to deploy their best pilots that including Iceman, Maverick, and Hollywood so they can provide air support for the rescue mission of a stricken ship. They were attacked and outnumbered by MiG enemy pilots. Maverick managed to defeat most of them and get back safely.

The end of the first Top Gun movie shows Maverick (Tom Cruise) returning to the Top Gun academy as an instructor. Now what we know from Top Gun Maverick movie is that after three decades, Pete Mitchell aka Maverick is still one of the best pilots pushing his limits and proving why he is one of the best pilots and teaching Top Gun graduates the art of flying.


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