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Tenet (2020) Christopher Nolan Movie posterTenet Christopher’s Nolan is an upcoming action thriller movie that follows an American spy protagonist who needs to stop the world from going into world war 3. The movie was written and directed by Christopher Nolan who also directed popular movies like Dunkirk, Inception, The Dark Knight series, etc. Tenet movie was originally set to release in July 2020 but was delayed twice because of the Covid-19 pandemic and is now set to release on August 12. The cast is a mixture of some popular actors and some new upcoming performers such as John David Washington who plays one of the main roles, a star from the Twilight series Robert Pattinson who plays some a secret agent.

Some of the following casts are Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine actor from the Dark Knight series.



Set to release: August 12, 2020


Tenet Movie Cast and Crew

Directors: Christopher Nolan

Writers: Christopher Nolan

Stars:  John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, Robert Pattinson, Dimple Kapadia

Genre: Action, Thriller, Spy, Science Fiction, Spy




There were a lot of speculations about Tenet Christopher’s Nolan’s movie. Being a Science Fiction movie there were few speculations that it’s going to involve time travel but some of the actors posted on their twitter accounts that there isn’t going to be any kind of time travel. Someone described Tenet as a method of time traveling but not in the usual way that you could see in similar science fiction movies. Tenet means that you could see what will happen to you if you acted in a certain way and you can use that endless times and see what the right thing to do is. In the Tenet movie trailer, we could see John David Washington seeing the first time what tenet is and figuring out that he’s mission is going to be one big tenet. We don’t know for certain do his enemies also poses tenet and will it, in the end, be a huge time travel fight.

The only thing that is officially confirmed is that the main protagonist in Tenet (John David Washington) is a spy that is on a top-secret mission to prevent World War 3. So people decided to search for the meaning name Tenet. The word Tenet happened to be a part of the Latin palindrome that also contains 4 other words. Their writings can be found spread across Europe. With this information, we cannot confirm anything but we do know that the film visited seven countries during filming – Norway, United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, India, Italy, and Estonia. This is the second most expensive Tenet Christopher Nolan movie right after the Dark Knight Rises with a budget of $205 million.



Tenet Christopher Nolan Movie trailer:

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