Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020)


Bill and Ted Face the Music Introduction:

Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020) posterBill and Ted Face the Music is an upcoming musical comedy and the new installment to the Bill and Ted film series that was directed by Dean Parisot and written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. The original Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was released in 1989, few years after the first part Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey was released in 1991 and now after almost 3 decades the sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music has been made and it is set to premiere on August 28, 2020. The script for the new sequel has been written in 2010 but there weren’t any distributors willing to back up the project. In May 2018 the film entered pre-production as the distributor deal has been confirmed so the film started filming on 1 July in 2019. Luckily the sequel will have few of the original cast members that being Keanu Reeves as Ted Theodore Logan and Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston. The stars in the movie are Samara Weaving, Kid Cudi the popular American rapper, singer, songwriter, William Sadler, and more.



Set to release: August 28, 2020


Bill and Ted Face the Music Cast and Crew

Directors: Dean Parisot

Writers: Ed Solomon, Chris Matheson

Stars: Keanu Reeves, Samara Weaving, Alex Winter, Brigette Lundy Paine, William Sadler, Kid Cudi, Beck Bennett

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Science Fiction





The first Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movie was a great success and the story follows two boys named Bill Preston and Ted Theodore Logan who have always had a dream about starting their own rock band called the Wyld Stallyns. Unfortunately, they were only a few high school students who had very bad grades and they were about to fail the year if they mess up the next history report. Luckily for them, a guy from the future named Rufus came to help them pass the history report so they gathered some historical figures which they needed to report.
The second movie of the trilogy, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey the world is at peace and everything and everyone is kind and excellent to each other thanks to the lyrics of Bill and Theodore. Feed up with their peaceful world and their music, Chuck de Nomolos decided to make two robots that look like Bill and Ted, send them back in 1990 to kill their counterparts, and prevent them from winning the Battle of the Bands. There they faced Grim Reaper as their enemy and they needed to escape from hell in order to save the world and win the greatest Battle of the Bands.

In the upcoming Bill and Ted Face the Music our protagonists Bill and Theodore have the most important task so far. Living their middle-aged life minding their own business waiting time to pass they get a warning that the whole universe is going to end and the only way to stop the world from ending is for them to create a song in 78 minutes.



Bill and Ted Face the Music trailer:

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