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Justice League Action Animated Series posterJustice League Action is an animated series produced in America and based on the DC Comics superheroes featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as the main characters followed up by many more. DC Universe was founded back in 1934 and it is still one of the biggest and most popular comic book companies in America. Justice League Action is also very much similar and related to the Justice League animated series from 2001 and Justice League Unlimited.






Release date/debuted: November 26, 2016

Justice League Action Cast and Crew

Directors: Jake Castorena, Shaunt Nigoghossian, Doug Murphy

Producers: Alan Burnett, Jim Kreig, Butch Lukic

Writers: Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Wiliam Moulton

Cast: Kevin Conroy (Batman), Rachel Kimsey (Wonder Woman), Jason J. Lewis (Superman)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Fantasy

IMDb: 7.7/10


Season 1 Recap:

Justice League Action Season 1 has 52 episodes. The first episode (Classic Rock) was released in December 2016, having great success and scoring 7.5 at IMDb. The season finished two years later with episode 52 in February 2018 with a score of 7.8.

The story starts with Batman and Wonder Woman trying to assemble a team of superheroes to help them save the world. Each episode will show a different type of team suitable for the corresponding situation/ villain. From episode two where Superman and Wonder Woman will fight Parasite who merged with an alien that crashed on Earth. Some episodes will show lower class villains some will show one of the most dangerous and troublesome like Joker in episode 8 or like Lex Luthor in episode 12 where he infected Superman but luckily he wasn’t alone and he managed to remove all nanobots with help from Wonder Woman and Hawkman.

Justice League will also encounter and help other groups like in episode 15 where Batman and Superman went to the Amazons and help Wonder Woman defend their home from Circe and Lex Luthor. Seeing that the superheroes teamed up, villains also started gathering up in episode 33 where Joker helped Lex to escape from captivity. One of the most troublesome episodes was when Luthor divided every member of the justice league into two, one that is good and other that is aggressive and evil. Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures, in episode 41 Joker abducted Batman and the only one who could help them was Riddler because he was the only one who could locate Batman.

There were many villain attempts to defeat the justice league, one being a trap set by Lex Luthor to organize a charity race where Flash and Superman would race each other in episode 45, he would control their speed with his new gadget eventually trying to make slow so he could defeat them. Justice League Action also had some fun episodes like in episode 51 where the whole team was out on a mission except for Plastic Man where his job was to take care of Krypto (Superman’s Dog) which happened to be troublesome. For now, the Justice League Action heroes always managed to find ways to stop their enemies and defend their planet from every danger so far.

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