Permanent 2017




Permanent 2017 Movie PosterPermanent is an American comedy type movie which is written and produced by Colette Burson. It was released in December 2017, starring Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette.



Release date: December 15, 2017



Permanent Cast and Crew 

Directors: Colette Burson

Writers: Colette Burson

Stars: Kira McLean, Alexis Leggett, Kaleigh Jo Keller, Riann Wilson, Patricia Arquette

Genre: Comedy

Movie Duration: 1h 34m

IMDb: 5.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 44%

Metacritic: 41%



The story begins in a small town Virginia where Aurelie and her parents Jim and Jeanne, come as a new girl in town. She immediately gets teased by everyone in school because of the new haircut she got in the local beauty school which made her look ridiculous. She tried to become friends with the only black girl in school but fails. She was mostly teased by a group of school popular girls. Being overly active in class makes her even more unpopular and hated by other classmates. One day she saw a sign on another beauty shop that advertised permanent fixes for 60$ which she didn’t have at that moment. Luckily for her, the school held a poetry reading contest with the top reward being 75$. Aurelie, though she has nothing to lose so she immediately signed up but that didn’t go as planned.

On the competition, she started to panic which made her recited lyrics from “Feeling Good”, which made another reason to school girls to make fun of her. Meanwhile, she attended a few karate classes in order to learn to defend herself against the rigorous girls from her school. In order to pay for the beauty treatment that advertised “permanent fixes for 60$” she entered a poetry contest with Lydia. During the competition she was nervous and she started singing the lyrics to “Feeling Good” instead of the assigned poem. Lydia ended up winning the contest and being a good friend she offered her the money but Aurelie declined. The story continues on following Aurelie and her ups and downs in a town full of condemning people.


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