Miss Juneteenth



Miss Juneteenth movie posterMiss Juneteenth is Channing Godfrey Peoples first featured film that was also written and directed by her. This American drama movie follows a single mother from Texas that applies her 15-year-old daughter to a pageant show named Miss Juneteenth pageant.





Release date: January 24, 2020


Miss Juneteenth Cast and Crew 

Directors: Channing Godfrey Peoples

Writers: Channing Godfrey Peoples

Stars: Alexis Chikaeze, Nicole Beharie, Kendrick Sampson

Genre: Drama

Movie Duration: 1h 43m

IMDb: 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%




Miss Juneteenth is showing us the story and the relationship between a single mother and her 15-year-old daughter. Turquoise Jones wanted to achieve her American dream. When she was younger, Turq won few beauty pageants competitions but in the end, it didn’t pay off and her life didn’t turn out like she hoped it would. She didn’t want to let that happened to her only child and she wanted her to succeed with everything she didn’t have success.

Her daughter Kai that is played by Alexis Chikaeze didn’t share almost any interest in her mother’s plans. Kai wanted to join a dancing team but her mother wasn’t very happy to hear about that. Her main issue was the lack of money in order to pay for the bills they will show us how to ward can it get when all the little things add up and break down on her. Despite working double jobs, she still managed to find the will and sense of humor for her daughter. Miss Juneteenth will show us how a mother and daughter bond is strong and indestructible. She is still talking with Kai’s father who wants to marry her but she doesn’t want anything to do with an unreliable man who works as a mechanic.

She just wants her daughter to win the beauty pageant with all the perks that go with the prize including scholarship and other. Kai already has a boyfriend and Turq didn’t like that at all. Turq also had a rough childhood and her relationship with her mother who has problems with alcohol. Kai proved herself as an excellent dancer and in the end, they found a way to make everything happened and found reasoning for each other.


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